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Bought three, and now only used two, there is not a split, something very good, the price is also affordable,

Disk is good, suction is very good, really is a penny goods. Ann in the processing center to save a lot of clamping time, very satisfied

Things are very good quality, customer service is very patient to answer a variety of questions!

Friends introduced, the price is very high, the quality is also very good, with a period of time, magnetic strong, flatness accuracy is also high


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  • 电永磁吸盘厂家
  • 电永磁吸盘厂家
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Taizhou Ditai Electricity Permanent Magnet Technology Co., Ltd. located in the beautiful East China Sea-Jiaojiang District and conveniently located, the transportation is very convenient. Is an R&D, production, sales as one of the scientific and technological enterprises, the main electric permanent magnet sucker 0ig), Magnetic glass fixtures and electrical permanent magnet fast-for-touch system power permanent magnet series. Widely used in touch-screen processing, mold manufacturing, quick die change system, bearing manufacturing ...

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